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Current blockchain technology such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have systemic synchronous limitations that render them unsuitable for mass adoption into the current technical architecture of distributed consumer applications. Consensus mechanisms and smart contract architecture cannot scale to a level that is required for consumer grade applications to function. We propose a fault resistant, horizontally scalable, distributed operating system that can implement full nodes as a mobile client. Therefore, we present a reformulation of cryptographically secure consensus into a modern server-less architecture using an asynchronous ExtendedTrustChain, Proof-of-Meme consensus model, smart contracts as composeable microservices using the JVM and initially implemented as an actor based finite state machine. This architecture ensures high transaction throughput, allowing for consumer grade distributed applications to be built on Constellation.

Working on some new graphics for $DAG today.

I came across these that I designed for the $DAG x $LINK partnership.

Still my favourite to date, and still very relevant.

In any of $DAG's use-cases it will be the 'core validator' between the data source and the intended output.


Show us what you got
Great initiative to show vulnerabilities, attract talent and pave the way for space systems security solutions
#spaceisac #usaf #dod #dag $dag #blockchain #btc #eth

When a powerful community gets it
@DAG_RC @stardustco11ect
a documentary about our engagements and @mrdiggles efforts is the result. Pretty mindblowing!

$DAG #HGTP #Hypergraph #blockchain #bigdata #spaceisac #usaf

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