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PlayerWonCoin (PWON) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NamePlayerWonCoin
Start DateJanuary 01, 2020
End DateFebruary 28, 2020
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Personal Wager is a fully operational Player to Player or Head to Head wagering system located at

As a wager between two players on a game of skill, it is legal in many more jurisdictions than internet gambling, including all but 12 USA states.

This document will not go into the details of PersonalWager operations, as they are described in detail in the accompanying PDF file.

PersonalWager is creating its own Utility Coin called PlayerWonCoin (“PWON”) to assist in facilitating the wagering between players around the world.

CEO, Founder
Acting CFO
Chief Operating Officer

We are pleased to welcome Luvai - Knight in Flabby Armour as a partner streamer at Personal Wager Official.

Luvai is from India, he started gaming at a very young age and has connected with many fellow gamers with his amazing personality.

We are pleased to announce Gamer121 as a partner streamer.

Gamer121 is from Dubai, he loves playing games for the world to see.

He loves action games mostly and his favourite game right now is Player Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG)

Visit our telegram group:

Breaking News

Personal Wager has been appointed as an Official Support A Creator And Custom Matchmaking Partner For Epic Games, creators of @fortnitegame!!! Watch this space for info on #Fortnite tournaments coming soon!

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Price0.1000 USD Sale1,000,000,000 Payment ModeBTC, ETH, USD
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution30% RaisedUnknown
Soft Cap2,500,000 USD Hard Cap25,000,000 USD